William Donnelly

Property Developer

Glyn Parry has been a truly amazing guide for me.


Somehow Glyn came into my life and I now know this was meant to be.  I am normally a skeptic however I bought his book and as soon as I had it in my hand and read the first few pages I felt an instant connection and I realized that I needed to talk to Glyn as he had a message for me.  


I have been going through some major changes in my business life over the past few months and I knew I needed to focus and find a way to get on the right path going forward. Glyn described in detail the challenges I was facing and helped put things into context. His channeling session was amazing and "11:11 – The Divine Mindset” has been a true awakening.


Achieving spirituality through letting go, focusing on positivity, the elimination of the negative energies and the use of visualization tools and techniques has truly helped sharpen my awareness giving me a true sense of faith and love and a connection to the Divine.    


I have just completed week 8 of the course and I am in a significantly better place now that I was before the course commenced, and I am excited about the future. Life is good.


I thank Glyn for his commitment, teaching, input and encouragement and know we will be friends forever.


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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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