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"The Secrets Of The Subconscious
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  Why You Need 11:11 The Divine Mindset As Part Of Your Life


What if you could tap into a part of yourself that gives you insight that the conscious mind alone, can not obtain, an insight that can help you to overcome problems and help you find solutions to business, love, relationships and life in general. This of course would mean fewer worries in your life, and therefore giving you more time to enjoy each and every day.



It’s Important that you ask yourself these questions.


Is the way in which you are currently developing yourself as a person, giving you the results in life that you wish for? Have the previous methods of self-development truly helped you in finding the solutions to questions in your life? Are you gaining enough inner knowledge to fix where you are going wrong? Or, are you finding that, simple ways of self-development are leaving you with un-answered questions? And still within a place of uncertainty within your life? 


The thing is this, conscious, self or spiritual development can only take you so far in tapping into the vast space of the subconscious mind. Einstein may have been seen as crazy but the man was no fool, what he observed was correct, there is a space that people are not tapping into, or if they are, not to the degree where by they understand how to use it, and use it correctly, and this is where 11:11 The Divine Mindset comes in.


You, as a person, can walk the entire earth in search of a higher awareness but it will never be found until you, understand, that to tap into the space where infinite knowledge is available, you must have the correct tools and methods to do so.


So what if I said to you that, the dream of being a better person, the dream of a happy content life, the dream of financial success, the dream of being able to truly understand love was completely available to you, without searching to find ideas from the thoughts of others, Well it is, and I will now tell you why.



How It Works and Why It Works.


11:11 works, simply because we don’t just deal with the conscious mind, on a conscious level. The conscious mind is a force in itself, a space within you that thrives on holding onto fear, and creating in-balance, because life is made up of many elements that keep you held down in fear, like worries about money, how to know if your making the correct decisions in life to creating all kinds of fears, that therefore create loss.


What we do, is teach you, yes, a greater understanding through text of the infinite space of the subconscious and how to better obtain its power, but why this happens is because we first, take control of the conscious mind through visualizations so that fears, are looked at, and dealt with once and for all, and then discarded, leaving the conscious mind in a more balanced state.



You may be asking? “But how do I find Infinite knowledge, and a way to finding the answers to my life’s problems?” Well, the reason you are able to tap into and to obtain the divine space, which is therefore the subconscious part of your inner self, is simply because of the methods and the process that 11:11 teaches you, showing you that once the conscious mind has, been cleansed, so to speak, the fears that hold you back are no longer, that way the conscious mind becomes more accepting of the unknown part of you.  The process of 11:11 covers many aspects of the conscious self, helping you to overcome lack of faith in yourself, helping you to understand the Importance of truly accepting change, teaching you to stand tall in your own power, to taking control of the deadliest fear of all, ego! Ego is one of the main contributors to failure in life, simply because it stops you from seeing clearly, misguiding you into making the wrong decisions that can often throw your life into turmoil simply because you can’t let go of the control you need to have over yourself, everything and everyone.


You can spend an eternity soaking up information in the hope of gaining a clearer understanding of how to better your life, but it will always come back to the same point, you find the answers by learning how to “let go” and look within. Of course the difference with 11:11 the divine mindset and why it has worked with clients so far is, because it is information that I accessed through the power of the subconscious space. If I would have read a thousand books, watched a thousand videos and researched many people teaching self and spiritual development, how would 11:11 be different to anyone else’s philosophy to life? It wouldn’t. It would simply be a re-hash of others Ideas. If I didn’t think 11:11 The Divine Mindset, can help you, heal you and create a brighter and better pathway to a life of abundance, then I would have not put it here for the world. But the simple fact is, it does offer this, and I can only say this is true from what others who have completed 11:11 The Divine Mindset are saying.


Let’s be honest, would one seriously think, that all human beings have, is the power of the conscious mind? The world is made up of many miracles happening daily, so what makes the possibility of you becoming a walking miracle so hard to accept? The conscious mind of course, FREE the conscious mind of all it’s aliments and allow the subconscious to take control.


There is absolutely no point in me writing here that 11:11 The Divine Mindset is just like any other self/spiritual awareness course, because it’s not. Why keep searching to find the answers when 11:11 The Divine Mindset shows you and teaches you that the answers have been within you the entire time, we simply show you how to access those answers.



Below is a list of bullet points outlining The Incredible transformation you will experience while working with 11:11.


Glyn will “enlighten” your mind to show it ways in which  to use powers you never knew you had.


Glyn will give you insight to another area of your  thought process enabling you to find a sense of balance  therefore helping you to stay focused within your  business and personal life.


Glyn will help you to overcome the inner obstacles that  hold you back from your path to success.


Glyn will give you a new ”mindset foundation” from which  to build your future.


Glyn will enhance your everyday mental awareness to show  you ways in which you can transfer the new powers you  didn’t even know existed into your daily life.


Glyn will set you free from the daily worries and  negativity that surround your fear of Loss.


Glyn will enhance and fine-tune your mental thoughts  making you able to give as well as take in business and  your personal life.


Glyn will motivate your sense of well being to bring you  closer to being at “one” with yourself.


Glyn will help you to understand the Importance of  healing the past to overcome fears that hold you back in  the present and therefore hinder your chance of success  in your future.


Glyn will create a new path for you to walk where fear is  gone and strong will remains. A path of “knowing”  strength and positivity. The path where only winners walk  and losers fail. This is called “The Divine Mindset” and  it has been channeled by one of the leading healers and  channelers of today, Glyn Parry.


"If I had to describe 11:11 in one sentence, it would be that it is a complete toolkit for life, giving you tools that can help you in EVERY area of your life."

Mohammed Ali
Business Philosopher
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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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