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What is The Divine Mindset Course?

In 2013 Glyn decided to create a self development and spiritual awareness course - 11:11 The Divine Mindset helping people around the world to overcome the basics of what holds us all back, issues and fears within, as well as helping people to understand the true meaning of “letting go” to create infinite abundance and walk more an insightful path of their own by using visualisations and guided text.

11:11 The Divine Mindset Course gives you the power to take full control of your own life, as the process is not a process of simple conscious self-awareness but also a doorway into your "higher awareness" therefore giving you a way to see beyond what you are normally able to see simply by using your conscious mind.


It's impossible for one to reach a higher state of awareness beyond the normal methods of self-development unless the correct tools and guidance are used. The reason why this is the correct process, is simply because it has been channeled from the higher power and therefore why 11:11 has changed the lives of everyone that is has touched.


"Imagine being able to obtain visionary messages, to know what decisions to make at all times, about everything in your life, money, love and relationships, and that they are the correct decisions at all times."


The 11:11 Divine Mindset Home Study Course are in audio format and also available for one on one with me via Skype.


Why You need 11:11 Divine Mindset as Part of Your Life.


What if you could tap into a part of yourself that gives you insight that the conscious mind alone, can not obtain, an insight that can help you to overcome problems and help you find solutions to business, love, relationships and life in general. This of course would mean fewer worries in your life, and therefore giving you more time to enjoy each and every day.


 It’s Important that you ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the way in which you are currently developing yourself as a person, giving you the results in life that you wish for?

  • Have the previous methods of self-development truly helped you in finding the solutions to questions in your life?

  • Are you gaining enough inner knowledge to fix where you are going wrong?

  • Are you finding that, simple ways of self-development are leaving you with un-answered questions? And still within a place of uncertainty within your life?

The thing is this, conscious, self or spiritual development can only take you so far in tapping into the vast space of the subconscious mind. Einstein may have been seen as crazy but the man was no fool, what he observed was correct, there is a space that people are not tapping into, or if they are, not to the degree where by they understand how to use it, and use it correctly, and this is where 11:11 The Divine Mindset comes in.


You, as a person, can walk the entire earth in search of a higher awareness but it will never be found until you, understand, that to tap into the space where infinite knowledge is available, you must have the correct tools and methods to do so.


So what if I said to you that, the dream of being a better person, the dream of a happy content life, the dream of financial success, the dream of being able to truly understand love was completely available to you, without searching to find ideas from the thoughts of others, Well it is, and I will

now tell you that WHY you need The 11:11 Divine Mindset Course.



How It Works and Why It Works.

We don’t just deal with the conscious mind, on a conscious level. The conscious mind is a force in itself, a space within you that thrives on holding onto fear, and creating in-balance, because life is made up of many elements that keep you held down in fear, like worries about money, how to know if your making the correct decisions in life to creating all kinds of fears, that therefore create loss.


What I do, is teach you, yes, a greater understanding through text of the infinite space of the subconscious and how to better obtain its power, but why this happens is because we first, take control of the conscious mind through visualizations so that fears, are looked at, and dealt with once and for all, and then discarded, leaving the conscious mind in a more balanced state.


You may be asking? "But how do I find Infinite knowledge, and a way to finding the answers to my life’s problems?" Well, the reason you are able to tap into and to obtain the divine space, which is therefore the subconscious part of your inner self, is simply because of the methods and the process that The  11:11 Divine Mindset Course teaches you, showing you that once the conscious mind has, been cleansed, so to speak, the fears that hold you back are no longer, that way the conscious mind becomes more accepting of the unknown part of you.

The process of The  11:11 Divine Mindset Course covers many aspects of the conscious self:

  • Helping you to overcome lack of faith in yourself

  • Helping you to understand the importance of truly accepting change.

  • Teaching you to stand tall in your own power, to taking control of the deadliest fear of all, ego! (Ego is one of the main contributors to failure in life, simply because it stops you from seeing clearly, misguiding you into making the wrong decisions that can often throw your life into turmoil simply because you can’t let go of the control you need to have over yourself, everything and everyone.)


You can spend an eternity soaking up information in the hope of gaining a clearer understanding of how to better your life, but it will always come back to the same point, you find the answers by learning how to “let go” and look within. Of course the difference with The 11:11 Divine Mindset Course and why it has worked with clients so far is, because it is information that I accessed through the power of the subconscious space. If I would have read a thousand books, watched a thousand videos and researched many people teaching self and spiritual development, how would The 11:11 Divine Mindset Course be different to anyone else’s philosophy to life? It wouldn’t. It would simply be a re-hash of others ideas. If I didn’t think The 11:11 Divine Mindset Course can help you, heal you and create a brighter and better pathway to a life of abundance, then I would have not put it here for the world. But the simple fact is, it does offer this, and I can only say this is true from what others who have completed 11:11 The Divine Mindset are saying.


Let’s be honest, would one seriously think, that all human beings have, is the power of the conscious mind? The world is made up of many miracles happening daily, so what makes the possibility of you becoming a walking miracle so hard to accept? The conscious mind of course, FREE the conscious mind of all it’s aliments and allow the subconscious to take control.




The Weekly Process of 11:11 Divine Mindset.

The Weekly Process of The 11:11  Divine Mindset is a spiritually evolved way of helping you sky rocket in self-development, consciously. We take you into "Another World Within You" help you to overcome all, and show you a way to see. 

Week 1    (FREE TRIAL)

We teach you about the power of the ISSUE within, how the Issue holds you back in life, and then we give you a tool to help you deal with all Issues and fears in your life, from depression, anxiety, sadness, fear, loneliness to literally any type of issue that holds you back and that creates stoppages in your life. We teach you how to open a doorway to confront the issues, take control of them and then how to close that doorway to lock them away for good, the initial starting process to re-programming the mind.



Week 2

We teach you about the awareness of your past, and how the past connects everything to your present. We teach you that continually trying to push away negative memories, events from your past creates the catalyst to triggering Issues in the present. We help you to understand the Importance of once Issues are looked at, you must! Understand that the memories of events of the past, are the core reason for Issues within the present being triggered, we therefore show you how to understand dealing with this, and by using the tool given in week 2 gives you the understanding of how to obtain a sense of freeing yourself from this, helping you to let go of the past negative memories within and showing you how to forgive to advance you into a more balance state in the present by leaving the past behind, and getting your own power back.



Week 3

We teach you how to address the negative impact of not being able to say “no” and continually “compromising” for others leaves you in a place of weakness rather than strength, and with that often a sense of Inadequacy. We show you a way to obtain a power within by using “energy”. The way in which the tool was designed allows you to project that energy to people in your life that you find it hard to say “no” to, creating positive change around them, leaving you “free” from others projecting control upon you. “You” obtain the power within to take control of others. But created in a positive way.



Week 4

We teach you that without having Internal “faith” can you secure your conscious foundation, therefore being able to stay motivated and in control of you. We help you to understand that faith is the root to staying grounded within your life, that enables you to be consistent in keeping all Issues at bay. We teach you that to create your inner faith, to throw away the fear of loss and the unknown, and to further advance in your life, moving towards your higher awareness, and that belief is paramount. The tool we give you to help you overcome lack of a faith takes you deeper into the unknown part of you, allowing you to discover the power that is within you, giving you access to communicate with your higher self and how to obtain answers from within that are not possible consciously. We take you to the place within you, that only dreams are made of, and the very place to get answers to your prayers.



Week 5

We teach you that without being able to let go of the past and the future and live firmly in the present with faith and in a positive state of mind at all times, your conscious mind will forever be in a state of fear and loss. We teach you that to truly gain the most out of your life you must take control of these elements so that you can advance to a closer point of leadership within your life. The tool we give you is a form of projective conscious energy that allows you to “within your subconscious” space, keep the doors of the past and the future locked so you can keep your present life in a state of power.



Week 6

We teach that “change” even though often wanted, is one of the main Issues in life that people cannot accept. We teach you that without allowing change to happen within your conscious mind therefore completely “letting go” of the “fear of the unknown” can you ever truly walk into a higher state of awareness, therefore giving you a natural progression into the balanced mind because of not being controlled by what the future holds. We teach you that if you wish to truly advance into a higher state of awareness, which therefore means being able to see past the barriers that the conscious mind creates you must be ready to accept change, to obtain answers within that will show you a pathway to a life of knowledge, peace within and abundance. The tool we give you allows you to lock away the fears of change and done so while in a moment of innocence, as within this visualization we show you the Importance of connecting with your child self so to obtain the best results within. The reason this is of course, is the younger the human being the less likely “life” issues are attached to that part of you, so therefore giving you the maximum possibility of success in releasing the fear of the unknown. The child is often fearless where by – the adult often not!



Week 7

Week 7 is the first part of a three-part phase into the art of receiving a message within from your higher awareness, so you can, once let go of the issues that we discuss through weeks 1-6, be ready to start understanding the true power you can obtain within by connecting with your higher self in a more conscious, well adjusted way. We teach you that to truly learn the art of “visionary awareness” you must be given a process that explains this simply, and in a way that your conscious mind can understand. The tools we give you show you a step-by-step way in how to start understanding that process, and through visualization. We teach you how to access a higher part of your inner awareness, your subconscious, to help you to start to grasp the idea of the separation that exists within your conscious and subconscious, and by doing so start to understand how once tapped into these areas visually can you start to see the three dimensional areas within you, and simply by using the 11:11 visualizations, which ultimately help you to start to take, full control of you. We teach you how to start to grab hold of the beginning stage of accessing your full potential.  



Week 8  - You receive the MESSAGE

Week 8 is the second part of the phase into the art of receiving a message from your higher awareness. We teach you that it’s vitally important when dealing with “higher awareness” of this nature that a method into showing you “how to” after subconsciously obtaining, and tapping into the unknown part of you, can you then find a way of bringing that information back into your conscious mind, to use, and to help enhance your day to day life. The tool we give you shows you a simple step-by-step way through visualization of how to do this, and by doing this will allow your conscious mind to start to understand the power of the unknown, allowing your conscious to start accepting the possibility of the impossible (the unknown) becoming possible – therefore helping you to start to process the information that you are being given, and taught, and putting you at ease with being able to be “the one” who can see past the conventional methods of simple conscious development of the mind. We also teach you once “visionary awareness” is planted firmly within the conscious mind that you will need to use the methods shown to you through the previous weeks, to enable faith and belief to become the driving force in enabling your higher awareness to become real, And consciously.



Week 9 - You bring the received message back to conscious reality

Week 9 is the third and final part of the phase into the art of receiving a message from your higher awareness, and linked to the process in week 8. By this point in the course you will have not only cleansed and locked away fears within, but will be more aligned with the understanding of awareness and separation of both the conscious and subconscious mind. You will be now ready to accept the process shown to you in week 9 as long as you have done everything that has been explained to you throughout the entire course. We teach you in week 9 that, “everything we have taught you to date has been leading up to this very moment. Without first going through the process of week 1- 6, and then stepping into the higher awareness within week 7 and 8 could you possibly be ready to conquer the fear that forces your conscious mind into NOT believing in something it cannot see. We don’t want to give to much away, but in the teachings of 11:11, this is the moment of truth – the very moment that you go from one who has been walking a life blind, to one who can now walk through life, with a knowledge, wisdom and leadership that no conscious self development could ever create.



Week 10You obtain the answer and purpose behind your received message to help you in life

By week 10 you will have fully understood a new power that exists within you, one that will put a very different perspective on the way you look at life, giving you all that you need to “conquer” in your life. Strength, focus, balance, peace of mind, faith, power, motivation, leadership and above all “Divine Awareness,” The mother of all power while living on the Earth. With this knowledge planted firmly in your conscious mind, a knowledge that you will know by this point on the course, nothing else can touch – especially two dimensional simple conscious self development, we teach you the importance of keeping control of the “ego” that can appear, once super human type awareness presents itself in your life. We teach you the Importance of being humble and keeping you safe within from the negative energies of the world, and of course do this by showing you a visualization tool to help you do so. To truly gain the most out of who you are you must search to find “you” and once found will never look back, because let me ask you this, do you truly know what your subconscious is telling you now?

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