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New York times best selling Author Mark Anastasi reveals to the world true stories about the man people are calling "The Miracle Man" (Glyn Parry) from his knew book "God, The meaning of life, and what happens after death" and shines an incredible light on why Glyn parry's knowledge must be delivered to the world and with that why Glyn parry holds so many keys to truth's of inner and ancient visionary wisdom from channeling from such a young age, and how this ability to channel gave him the power to channel and create "11:11 The Divine mindset" a course of teachings to help all overcome conscious fears within and walk an abundant path while tapped into the subconscious.

To find out more details on private (one to one Skype) consultations with Glyn Parry with regards to life matters or

11:11 The Divine Mindset, please contact Cathleen at

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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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