"To Truly Live A Life Free Of The Fears That Exist Within, And To Create The Correct Mindset, Where Abundance Of  Wisdom Thrives, One Must Become At One, To Live The life That Dreams Are Made Of. Only Then Will You Understand Your Purpose"

"If you truly wish

to free yourself of

fears and doubts,

and find a deep

inner peace and

faith, where you

are guided in ways

you thought


then 11:11 is for you"


11:11 The Divine Mindset / 8 Steps to Heaven

Glyn Parry is one of the supreme self-development leaders of this time. He was born with many incredible gifts and has been blessing people daily with them. He has been working with and helping clients from every corner of the globe for the past 26 years with huge results never needing to advertise himself in the mainstream public eye.

Glyn was asked if he could channel an on-line one on one course dedicated to helping people achieve huge goals within higher awareness, finding enlightenment and ultimately one's purpose. He did that in 2013 and the course was entitled "11:11 The Divine Mindset"

Since then Glyn has been fully booked with clients everyday of the week and this continues daily. 

Glyn has now decided that it is only fair that people, not only his very exclusive clients, but people throughout the world have the chance to learn and truly understand exactly what 11:11 is.

Many people are talking about 11:11 throughout the world, but "The teachings of 11:11, 11:11 The Divine Mindset" is the first course in the history of mankind that truly shows people a pathway to the divine through tools channeled directly from the source, giving people the chance to obtain gifts of the mind that many never thought possible. It is what is it. "11:11 The Divine Mindset"



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A message from Glyn Parry.


Taking yourself to the next level within your own life


"History of "life" and the way in which "life" dictates rules that one must follow, creates restraints within the conscious mind, therefore holding the conscious mind ransom to basic conscious ways of thinking. Remove the fears of the unknown, consciously, and one finds that the conscious mind allows the subconscious to become more present within. Once the subconscious has been given the opportunity to become apparent within the conscious mind, the conscious mind allows a different way of thinking to unfold, therefore giving one the starting point to finding their own pathway to the "divine way of thinking" a space where abundance on every level of life exists, and the conscious fear has gone."


Glyn Parry


We wish you luck and success on your journey!



Dr Ann Quinn
Peak Performance Specialist