"A Wise Man Can Only Begin His Journey, When His Journey Has Begun!"


Thoughts and feelings from people that have been touched by Glyn Parry's Vision and Insight. In no particular order.

'Mind-blowing' would be putting it mildly...


One of the things he predicted, by the way, is this:  "I see books everywhere. This is where you will become most successful.  I see doors opening for you wide open. I see 'America'! 'America'! America'!"


Twelve months later I signed a deal with one of the 8 largest publishing companies in the world - a New York publishing house - with my upcoming book scheduled to be promoted to 1 billion passengers at US airports and a multi-city tour in the US in the offing.


Glyn did a reading for my sister, and told her she would make a lot of money, her business was going to take off, and she would get into a new relationship in the Autumn, with a man that looks Middle-Eastern...  all of which happened exactly as he described!


Glyn then did a reading for my mom, where he predicted that she would move countries in September!  ... And guess what happened on September 28th!   :)

Mark Anastasi


Glyn Parry is a unique soul in this world.


Is a soul that can connect to frequencies and dimensions that very few can. While I was talking to him in Skype (we did not know each other) he started describing in great detail my past, present and the coming future with great precision and certainty. If you want to understand why we are all a miracle in this world, I truly recommend you to talk with Glyn, he will blow your mind, soul and body in less than 10 minutes.

Alan Burak


Glyn has literally changed my life!!

From the minute the reading started I was blown away with the accuracy and detail of what was being revealed about me, my life and most importantly my fears. I had no idea that simple childhood experiences were the things that had been standing in the way of me becoming my most authentic self. He gave me the tools needed to continue with this journey with more confidence and clarity. I can't begin to thank Glyn enough for his love and care in what has been revealed. I feel I have found my go to guy (as long as Glyn is willing of course :) whenever I need a little help to keep me on the right track. I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone who understands that we don't have to tred this path alone and that we (humanity) have been blessed with these very real gifts in the world such as Glyn to help guide us and shine a light on the things that stand in the way of us becoming who we were born to be.   

Yamini Patel


Value is the most important gift you can receive, it stands over everything.

After the session with Glyn, I had to redefine value from new on. 

It was stronger, deeper and more important than I thought it would be. 


I feel blessed and honored that we got the chance to meet each other. 

He was the 1% missing in my head and decisions. 

The overall energy this man could give me, inspiration and perspective was mind-blowing!


There is no right or wrong in this conversation, the conversation is about your PATH.

And just to bring that to the point, there is a lot everyone of us can ask about our path, getting advice on it, or change little things on it etc. 

We just have to ask, and that’s exactly what I did, and let me tell you, it was worth a lifetime!

Mirco Triulzi 

Mirco Triulzi


Glyn is incredible! He is all knowing.  My reading with him was life changing.  I wanted to know the answer to some key life direction questions and they were answered with clarity and kindness.  He is “The One” and the only one I will speak to from now on.

Claire McGrath


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