You don’t need to be born with a gift to live with a Divine Mindset.

Walking a path of life whereby I have fine-tuned the art of tapping into my subconscious to be able to see past what the conscious mind normally allows me to see has changed my life forever, changed my life forever because I have been able to take control of “my own life” by using my higher awareness and visions, which are "not" just only visions in the sense of future prediction, way off, somewhere in the future, But in the very present moment, thus, making me know what to do at any given moment, and because the answers are not coming from the very basic conscious mind, but being filtered from the point of higher awareness (11:11/ God/ The other dimension/The Higher power) etc etc etc, to my conscious mind, I can therefore stay on the (correct path of life-the abundant one) therefore not needing to be governed by the way life dictates. When I talk about life! I'm talking about the life that is often holding you down in fear, and for many, hating one's life because of being forced to work for others and terrified about what the future holds. Let's take Monday the 4th of January 2016 - dubbed "massive-monday," simply because of the sheer amount of people (maybe you) rushing to look for a new job because you cannot stand the job you have. What does this say about one's life, maybe your life? It's time for change, and time to make that change.

Walking with a divine mindset has simply given me the knowledge within “higher awareness” to be able to “see”. Ok, I may have been born with a gift or two but that is why 11:11 The Divine Mindset was created so you can also have the opportunity in life to see in a way that I do.

There was a time in my life that I thought; maybe it wasn’t possible to show other people how to obtain gifts of visionary awareness, until I channeled 11:11. Now, for the people who have experienced it already, and worked to fine tune the tools within 11:11, are experiencing a clearer way of seeing what I see and with that, because of losing fear from their life, are now finding that they to, are receiving guided messages from their higher awareness, so therefore making their lives so much more complete to move forwards, dodging the grey areas of life that create loss.

It’s really so simple. To reach the point in your life that you dream of, you must find a way past using only your conscious mind to lead you, because for whatever reason, and the fact that every human beings conscious mind is different (because of each individual persons history), the only way to find the place of abundant success IS by using the subconscious space. Every single person has an equal chance of success this way, as the subconscious space is the same for everyone. Yes of course, one can work hard to create success simply by using the conscious mind, and for many this has worked. But for many others, maybe you! cannot find a way to GET OUT of the mundane life, and find the dream life you have been searching for. Working hard at anything is one of the main reasons in life why people become successful. But the “no pain, no gain” suffering that goes into the relative life success is one of the main reasons why people give up on searching for their dream life - and fall back into being the victim of one's surroundings and life's pressures.​

So having said that, what if you had a “superman” type pair of glasses that allowed you to see where to go, to bypass the obstacles that if you were ONLY using your conscious mind as your vehicle would NEVER be able to see? Well, you answer that question for yourself.......... LIFE, would be a lot easier yes? If you had the ability to see where NOT to go, what NOT to do that creates loss in your every day life, then you wouldn’t have to WASTE TIME – when life is so short, therefore being able to SPEND MORE TIME on your family your friends and your own self development.

Me relaxing by the pool in the mountains of Alcoy Spain thinking about the preparation of channeling 11:11 The Divine Mindset - 2015. This trip was for one month.

The idea that you must go through the struggle of life to become a better person is so very yesterday, it’s frankly absurd. Yes of course the more struggle you go through the more you learn, but why would ANYONE wish to go through pain if they didn’t have to? Anyone who tells you that you do, well, is frankly misguiding you and more than likely in a very lost place him or herself.

The future is! “Higher spiritual awareness – brought down to the level of everyday life” Taking your life to a different plateau by accepting the fact that “it is” possible to be a lot more powerful than you most likely are a present, and in doing so enhance so many parts of your everyday life that “the no pain no gain” thought process no longer needs to be apparent within your life because the rose tinted glasses you were wearing are no longer rose tinted, but true! Pure and wise.

I’m not saying that conscious self-awareness cannot help you, because it can, however it can only take you so far. I can pretty much guarantee that most people learning basic forms of conscious self awareness may yes, be in a more “temporary” balanced state of mind but still in a place where things in life, like money for example are still proving to be a huge obstacle, and the reason this is, is because no-one person can see past the conscious obstacles unless they are tapped into the subconscious space that gives one insight that shows one a pathway to grab hold of the riches of life.

People have been coming to me for 26 years of my life to find answers to their problems, not me going to them, and the point here is what 11:11 The Divine Mindset offers any one person, is the chance and opportunity to be, the person who see’s, rather than the person who doesn’t.

Last year alone thanks to the divine mindset I have been able to spend one month in Thailand, One month in Hong Kong and one month in Spain. This is not me saying “hey look at me bla bla bla” this is me giving you the nuts and bolts reality of how powerful walking a life with a divine mindset is. I wasn't born with a life laden with money - I can simply SEE the pathway laden with money. And the most wonderful thing about this is, I see it without needing the selfishness, the greed and the ego that drives so many.

Me at a beautiful temple in in Chaing Mai Thailand 2015 - This trip was for one month

People spend a vast amount of money trying to find solutions to a better life, a life of peace and balance and of course a life where by one doesn’t have to struggle financially. People will go to many lengths in the hope of discovering “get rich quick schemes” to take them out of the nine to five grind of life, for some, if that person has the ability to take on board the intense amount of work that is needed to be done to create financial abundance the ideas presented to them will work, but the majority will fail, simply because the people who are delivering the message are masters at creating funds.

This is why one needs to look no further than themselves, and it is only a “matter of time” before the people of the world do full circle, realize this and head straight for the “higher awareness”. It’s simple Ego and pride, and not being able to let go of these issues, why so many people will repeatedly bang their heads against the wall, over and over and over again while trying desperately to find their success externally simply because the control that is created by ego forms a mask within the conscious mind that people do not dare to take off. The problem with this of course is that, when one constantly keeps pushing to stay in “control” and to not let their own “higher awareness” show them the way it will often be their downfall, as I have seen many a time with people I have crossed paths with. It’s a hard lesson to learn and will cost people dearly in emotions.

When people talk of “the answer lies within” including myself, they do so because its true. The only problem here is, that like most things in life that people feel are untouchable, many will bury their head in the sand, run the opposite direction and ultimately find themselves back at the very place they were before, at the mercy of believing that others can take their pain away and magically make their lives better. But that is most definitely NOT what 11:11 The Divine Mindset is about. We give “you” the tools to make “your” life abundant which therefore enables “you” to take full control of your own life path with the help of your Inner Higher awareness. It’s time for you to become a “leader” of your own life and to not to fall victim to becoming a follower.

Yes I know that you may be reading this and think “ I can’t be leader, I don’t have the ability to find my higher awareness because I wasn’t born with a “gift”, even if I use the teachings of a philosophy such as 11:11 The Divine Mindset” Well, let me tell you something – YOU DO! You don’t need to be born with a gift to understand how to access the “teachings of 11:11” because of the simple way it has been designed and set out, anyone, as long as they are using the correct tools, can, find the “space within divine higher awareness”

It’s only life, the history of your past and people in it, that may have made you feel you cannot achieve. Everyone has the ability to “rise to greatness” to no longer be a follower, it’s simply about the amount of work you are prepared to put into the process, to how incredible you come out the other side.

The thing is this, many people believe that spiritual awareness is simply about making ones life more balanced, of course this is one of the great things about heightening ones awareness, however, when one decides to take the next step into “higher spiritual awareness” one discovers the benefits of that awareness and the many more strings available to add to ones bow of life.

Spiritual/self awareness is not just about philosophy but about taking yourself to a place within you where you can obtain the life riches that “you yourself” were always supposed to have.

Me playing around with Ronaldo the two-year baby elephant in Thailand 2015. This trip was for one month

I was blessed with a gift, and now I want to share that gift with you, so you can go on to live a life that when you look back, you whole heartedly know you were the best you could have ever been thanks to “letting go of the fear of the unknown” and embracing the power you hold within. All you have to do is know how to tap into that power.

“We are the truth and your friend in spiritual higher awareness – not here to teach you something that leaves you only a fraction forwards in where you started”


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