Pat Cash

Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion

I’m not sure where to start to explain my experience of doing the 11-11 course.


I have been doing spiritual practices and courses throughout my lifetime and I have been lucky enough to have seen some of the most incredible people and had amazing adventures but the profound beauty and truth of this course is impossible to put in to words.



The clarity and simplicity of the course is perhaps the most amazing thing.


From week one through to week ten I developed a peace and acceptance of who I am and have answered many questions about my path with help from Glyn and the course material. Week by week I absorbed a vast amount of knowledge.  Though I have a different lifestyle this comes with different issues. In many ways I am no different than anyone else as I have doubts fears pressures and worries but thanks to the course I have the blueprint to eternal happiness and a connection with the divine, God, higher power much stronger than I had previously.


This course gives you the tools to deal with any and all things that arise from life’s issues. Like some of the greatest spiritual works the information and structure is so advanced it really is from another world.



If you are prepared to do the work and follow the instructions I am sure you will get a huge benefit from this course.




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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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