Mohammed Ali

Business Philosopher

Having been interested in personal development and spirituality for over 20 years, I have read most of the classics and also have been on many courses, with most of the leading authorities. Although many have given me some insights and a few tools, none have really given me lasting results.


Having completed 11:11, I now know why this is. The truth is that to get long-lasting results, you need to have a deep understanding of the issues that you are facing and a deep understanding of the tools that you need to solve them.


11:11 is the only program I have been on that actually helped me to understand what was blocking me and why I wasn't progressing as much as I wanted to, as well as giving me the complete tools to remove the obstacles I was facing.


If I had to describe 11:11 in one sentence, it would be that it is a complete toolkit for life, giving you tools that can help you in EVERY area of your life.


Whilst most programs give you some tools, and often incomplete tools, to deal with some parts of your life, 11:11 has given me every tool I will ever need in my life and, now that I have completed 11:11, I am looking forward to using them every day to build the life I have always dreamed of.

















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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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