Michael Shinnick

Business Coach

I have found the 11:11 program very enlightening so far. This course has been really great at showing me how to let go of any doubts and fears. Some of these doubts and fears I was unaware of before starting the course. With these out of the way I feel a new balanced sense of confidence with a clarity of purpose and what’s really exciting is that It has given me a great toolkit to help me deal with life going forward.


The calmness and faith in myself I now feel as a result of experiencing the presence of my spiritual guides as I go about my daily life is nothing short of amazing. This makes me feel confident that I can deal with anything life throws at me but also I now know that whatever happens to me is all for my own good and is all good, Exciting times!!


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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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