Denise Browne

Hotel Manger

First of all I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the 11:11 course.


As soon as you told me about it, I knew it was the course I had long since been searching for as an aid to "fine tune" my way of life.


Since childhood I have been having conversations with my "imaginary" friends and didn't quite understand why. During the many traumas of my adult life, I have always left it up to "nature" believing what will be will be.


11:11 has now taught me that the divine have always been looking out for me, even when I ignored it at my peril!


I loved the simple language that you used to explain the work I needed to do. Everything was so clear with words I could easily understand. This was a great help because I didn't need hours and hours in getting ready for the weeks lessons.


The "letting go" and saying "no" has now rid me of all the dead wood that was weighing me down and I can't thank you enough!


I have always known that you can’t change what happened in the past and now at long last thanks to you and 11:11 I'm able to put it all to rest with acceptance. Believe me it's so much easier being able to say "no".


I'm now on my path to living a much more fulfilling life, and can take all things in my stride, I feel so much more positive about my future and I'm no way near as hysterical as I used to be when things go wrong.


I spend an awful lot of time in "the energy room" and really enjoy living in the present.


Whatever happens, I'm so very pleased to have that place to go to.


I'm also now more inclined to listen and believe the messages I receive from the divine thanks to you and 11:11 helping me to understand the right! Way to go about it and even if I don't get it straight away, I remember it, whereas before I would just dismiss it as my imagination getting carried away with me.


Since doing the course, I'm also noticing that more and more people are coming to me for help and advise, my instincts seems to sum things up very quickly and I'm able to help in a way that's sooooo comfortable for me. If I can't help, it’s easy to say I can't in a way that's more acceptable and calming thanks to 11:11.


You really have helped me and I'm now looking forward to living a very fulfilling life knowing that the divine is by my side always.


Once again, many, many thanks

With much love and gratitude



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