Nathalie Virem 

I was blessed to come across Glyn Parry’s work about a year ago through a personal connection. It took me some time to get in touch with him to finally book a reading. After our reading, Glyn shared with me his 11:11 course I was eager to join. I strongly felt he would be able to help and I was ready to do what it took to work with him.

At that time, I had already undergone multiple self-discovery and spiritual techniques, tools, teachers and courses. What most attracted me about his course was the fact that he not only helps you access your higher self and unlimited subconscious mind but that he helps you receive divine messages from your higher self and more importantly, what the outcome of those divines messages are so that you can identify the conscious changes you’ll have to embrace in order to change your destiny and your impact in this world.

His course is very well created. He provides both PDFs and powerful audios that guide you through this divine process. If you do the work, in 10 weeks you will become a completely different person. His course has since then helped me transform in ways I was unable to transform prior to our work together. He was able to unlock all the blockages, including those I was not even aware of or clear about it’s root cause. Today, I feel fully confident, clear, aligned, and assertive in my life and business decisions. I’ve learned to forgive, heal, lead, make better decisions and let go among many other things. His course has balanced me, I am today able to care and push my Foundation and team while also learning to let go and keep absolute faith. In the end, it is making my journey a lot more fun and stress free, and I am tasting like never before the sweets of success!

Glyn is simply the most gifted person I’ve come across. His work is divine, pure and exact. His consistent accuracy is something I’ve never experienced before. He is simply right on point. You will walk away with a complete conscious shift, equipped to succeed in life and business and ready to impact this world from a higher dimension. I am thankful to have him by my side today as a trusted gifted leader and counselor and I am looking forward to accomplishing extraordinary things together for the greater good of our living world. I highly recommend his course to anyone ready to transform consciously so they can  access new dimensions and put their gifts at work for the greater good. You will forever thank yourself for your decision.


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11:11 The Divine Mindset is not based on any religion, simply divine

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