Why do I keep seeing 11:11 ? What does it mean?

You are most likely on our website right now because you either have some connection with 11:11, have been seeing 11:11 in your life or have found yourself here simply by chance or recommendation.


Many people ask me “Glyn what is 11:11, what does it mean? And why are so many people around the world talking about it?” Well let me try to help you to understand in simple terms what the message by 11:11 is.


Many many years ago way before the world was a space filled with computers, high fast paced media and the never ending need for materialism the planet would have been a place where people were dedicated to positive energy and the search and quest for the Inner power they had available to them using the connection to the earth and universe. As life evolved the need for finding Inner peace, divine powers and positive action became less and less as the human being became more focused on the material rather than the spiritual. But within this space and time of evolution there have always been humans on this Earth who are aligned with the universe and are here for greater a purpose. You will more than likely find that if 11:11 is something that is part of your life or you have been sent here, or have stumbled across this page then you are! One of those people with a higher purpose, more than likely a messenger on this Earth, but maybe at this point you don’t understand that, only that you keep seeing 11:11, or you are being guided here without your knowledge but by a higher purpose.


The universe of course is a very powerful thing indeed and if one removes the fears and doubts that normal everyday life taints them with and allowed the universe itself to guide them they would be following a higher path. 11:11 on clocks on computers on watches etc. is the universe giving you signs of a higher calling that you are supposed to be taking notice of. That universe in my eyes is the spiritual universe the one of all knowing that once tapped into can guide you like it would have been those many many years ago.


I’m seeing 11:11 and I understand that but how can I tap into my calling my purpose etc.?


Now, this is the crucial point and the one that is keeping people locked in a state of constantly questioning.


There are many people around the world talking about 11:11, talking about exactly what I have just explained, and for the majority they are correct, it is about the awakening of the spirit within and being positive and creating peace and love in the world etc. through finding that higher calling, but! What I have found and the very reason why 11:11 the Divine Mindset was created through me was to enable you, the people to “learn a process” that if worked on correctly would give you a SECRET KEY that enables you to unlock the door to the power of 11:11 itself (which is of course the infinite power of universal knowledge) and once through the unlocked door be “connected with the spiritual universe within) in such a way that you become a human being that thinks in more of a higher frequency by connecting to the divine source within you – the universe itself.


If you are being shown 11:11 throughout your life it is because the universe itself is trying to prepare you, to show you that you are one of the chosen, and as I said before if you have found yourself here by accident more than likely that you are to. What you will find is that you wont ever stop seeing 11:11 in your life until you take action and find the route and pathway into the divine power of the universe, because it is your destiny. This is why I hear people saying “I’ve been seeing 11:11 for years” but until now nobody has channeled or created a course that shows you the NEXT STEP in how to go from being someone who is simply being shown the sign to someone who becomes the messenger, until now – 11:11 The Divine Mindset.


One final point I would like to make is this. If, as I said you keep seeing 11:11 throughout your day or life in general please understand that this is a sign and that whatever your feeling inside take as “a sign” for the very moment you see 11:11 is the very moment you are connecting with the higher power of the universe within you.


Good Luck and bless you.

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