Corie Dombrosky

Self Employed

I have struggled with my self-esteem throughout my entire life.  In my mind, I was never good enough, never smart enough, never thin or pretty enough.  I could never look in the mirror without having a constant stream of horrible thoughts about my appearance.  The things I would say and think about myself were crippling to me – to the point at times where I would avoid situations and trying new things because of how awful I felt about myself.  I mean, if I was thinking it, I'm sure everyone else had to be as well.  


About ten years ago, after my second failed marriage, I knew that I had to make a change.  I couldn't continue to keep going on the way I had been all these years.  My intimate relationships were going from bad to worse because of the way I felt about myself, and I couldn't continue on the way I was going – for myself and for my son.


The road started with going to see a psychologist.  It did help somewhat, but not enough.  Not nearly enough.  But my journey had begun.  It seemed that each step I took opened another door and led me to another teacher or lesson.  For ten years, I managed to raise my vibration higher and higher through everything that I was learning and experiencing.  But it still wasn't enough.  That voice was still there.  Sometimes it would go away for a while and things would be great, but it would always come roaring back again – sometimes worse than it had before.  


Well, the road that I was on eventually led me to Glyn and his amazing course.  I was skeptical at first – not with Glyn or his course.  I had 100 percent faith in him from the first time I spoke to him.  I just didn’t have faith in myself.  I even asked Glyn after the first week’s lesson if he had ever not been able to help someone and if I was hopeless.  Naturally, he just laughed at me and assured me that I could and would be successful.  


He was right.  I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I could truly love myself and learn to have faith, but I have.  I can now look in the mirror and see how beautiful I truly am – inside and out.  I actually have hope for my future and complete faith that all will turn out the way it’s supposed to.  Feeling positive and at peace inside is the most amazing feeling in the world, and I will be eternally grateful to Glyn and to 11:11 for helping me to get to this place.  


With so much love and gratitude,




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