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"One Must Look Past The Idea Of Who They So Want To Be,To Become The Very Being They Were Destined To Be. Let Go, Of The Fear Within And "See" Once Again." 

WHAT IS 11:11 The Divine Mindset?

The Divine Mindset Home Study Course

The teachings of 11:11 gives you the power to take full control of your own life, as the process is not a process of simple conscious self-awareness but also a doorway into your "higher awareness" therefore giving you a way to see beyond what you are normally able to see simply by using your conscious mind.This is why the teachings of 11:11,take you to the next level.


Its impossible for one to reach a higher state of awareness beyond the normal methods of self-development unless the correct tools and guidance are used. The reason why this is the correct process, is simply because it has been channeled from the higher power and therefore why 11:11 has changed the lives of everyone that is has touched.


"Imagine being able to obtain visionary messages, to know what decisions to make at all times, about everything in your life, money, love and relationships, and that they are the correct decisions at all times."


The teachings of 11:11 are available to buy on the DVD home study course from the shop on this site. The teachings of 11:11 are in audio format making it easy to follow and at your own pace. Go to the week by week break down to understand a more indepth look at what 11:11 offers you.


Glyn Parry also offers the teachings of 11:11 personally and one on one with him. If you need more Information with regards to one on one please contact Mrs Ranor through the contact us section on the site.







Like some of the greatest spiritual works the information and structure is so advanced it really is from another world."


Pat Cash 
Wimbledon Men's Single Champion