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"The Past Has The Answers To Your Present,
And In Turn Will Build The Foundation To Your Future!" 


Eight Steps To Heaven by Glyn Parry


As part of the "11:11 The Divine Mindset" package, you will also receive a copy of Glyn Parry's book, entitled, "eight steps to heaven"


eight steps to heaven is in the package as it is part of the entire 11:11 The Divine Mindset journey, into divine awareness. 8 Steps To heaven gives one a gentle understanding of self development and spiritual awareness to life, to create the correct conscious way of thinking, before embarking into the master class teachings of 11:11 The Divine Mindset.


Please Note: 

8 Steps to Heaven MUST BE READ prior to starting 11:11 The Divine Mindset.




Amazon Customer Reviews:



          Absolutely Excellent Book   

This book is an absolute must read for all spiritual and physical healers. I felt completely uplifted and will positively apply the techniques to my everyday work and life, which are so fundamental.


          A truly magnificent modern philosoph

This is most definitely one of the greatest books i have had the pleasure of reading.For a first time author it is truly outstanding.The book itself addresses so many issues that everyone in life tries to deal with at some point. One of the great points about the book is the simple way it has been written.Anyone, from anywhere to any age could read this, grasp it and learn from it. I am a fond reader of many books but never has a book of this subject gripped me in such a way.I would highly recommend this fantastic piece of work to anyone who wishes to succeed in life.If only it had been written earlier. For i do believe it may change the way people think.



          8 Steps to Heaven

This book has touched my heart like no other book I've read before.
I was going through quite a tough time when a friend of mine recomended it to me. I must say not only it helped me to get back on my feet again in the most loving way but also it has completely changed the way I see life now.
I feel I'm beginning to understand the real meaning of LOVE ....
Thank you.




          Finally, a REALITY based spiritual book

I am so happy that a friend of mine recommended this book to me. I love self-help books, but was getting bored with the typical head-in-the-clouds type of spiritual books.
8 Steps is just what I was looking for...it's real. It addresses everyday life, and it is written not only simply and gently, but also by someone who clearly lives in the modern world where we pay bills and go to pubs and clubs.
I'm glad I finally found a book that addresses these real-life scenarios within a spiritual context and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read something different...something real




          8 steps to heaven

I have read many articles on the subjects that are in this book, but never before have I had all my questions answered in such an understanding way. A must read for all those who want to make changes in their every day life but did not know how to start.





          An absolute must read.

This book is very clear, insightful and inspiring. It provides spiritual support in an accessible, practical way that anyone can understand and use in their everyday life.
I will be recommending this book time and time again - the best I have found yet!









"Outstanding!A Friendly, Wise And Trustworthy, Guide Written In A Stunningly Visual Way."


Donna Broxup / UK Life Coach
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