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What is 11:11 The Divine Mindset Home Study Course
Why You Need 11:11 The Divine Mindset Course
How It Works & Why It Work
The Weekly Process of The 11:11 Divine Mindset Course
Testimonilas / The course


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11:11 Divine Mindset Course is very well created. The 11:11 Divine Mindset Course is very well created. The course provides both PDFs and powerful audios that guide you through this divine process. If you do the work, in 10 weeks you will become a completely different person. 11:11 Divine Mindset Course has since then helped me transform in ways I was unable to transform prior to work together with Glyn via 11:11. He was able to unlock all the blockages, including those I was not even aware of or clear about it’s root cause. Today, I feel fully confident, clear, aligned, and assertive in my life and business more


Pat Cash

Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion

I’m not sure where to start to explain my experience of doing the 11-11 course. I have been doing spiritual practices and courses throughout my lifetime and I have been lucky enough to have seen some of the most incredible people and had amazing adventures but the profound beauty and truth of this course is impossible to put in to words. The clarity and simplicity of 11:11 The Divine Mindset Course is perhaps the most amazing thing. From week one through to week ten I developed a peace and acceptance of who I am and have answered many questions about my path with help from Glyn and the course material................. read more

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Dr Ann Quinn

Peak Performance Specialist

The 11.11 Program is amazing. Learning how to find faith within yourself and turning that faith into a greater life of abundance should be mandatory for everyone.  The tools and techniques you learn while on 11:11 over the 10-week course with Glyn, guide you on your own path to align with your heart and soul and develop that deep faith within. It is hard to completely pinpoint just how this happens, but it does. And it does so in what I can only describe as a “journey driven by the divine”. The visualizations and the techniques learned from Glyn via 11:11 have helped me to let go and detach from outcomes and simply live in the present............... read more


Glyn Parry is one of the leading visionary awareness advisors and coaches in the world. He has been using his gifts of advanced Inner insight awareness for the past three decades. By fine tuning these abilities Glyn has been able to broach literally any subject with utter success helping thousands of clients stay on the best path of life and achieve the highest possible success rates.

In 2013 Glyn decided to create a self development and spiritual awareness course - 11:11 The Divine Mindset helping people around the world to overcome the basics of what holds us all back, issues and fears within, as well as helping people to understand the true meaning of “letting go” to create infinite abundance and walk more an insightful path of their own by using visualisations and guided text.


If you would like to know more about Glyn’s consulting sessions and The 11:11 Divine Mindset one on one course with Glyn, please contact us at  

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